Sunday, March 12, 2006

Red Room

444 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, Ontario

Closest Subway Station: Spadina
Dress Code: The ‘bartender’ had on a baseball cap…that says it all
Price Range: $7-10

Every Day: 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m.

Quite possibly my worst restaurant experience. Ever. And I’ve eaten in some sketchy places. I came here with some of my acquaintances for lunch, and it was unanimous. Everybody was grossed out. The epitome of bad restaurants. They could probably learn a thing about customer service from the waiters at Hong Shing’s. Not only that, but the food is absolutely atrocious. Unless you like your chicken fajitas with hair in them.

We arrived here, and the waitress told us where to sit down. She wasn’t the friendliest person, but judging by the price, we weren’t complaining. However, once we sat down, we realized the tables were wobbly, AND that some of the chairs were too high for the table. It was quite uncomfortable. The décor of the restaurant wasn’t the greatest either. It felt like I was in a library. Or a haunted house. There were old, dated books (that probably wouldn’t sell in a garage sale), around the restaurant. Everywhere. It might have created a nice cozy atmosphere if the books weren’t in horrendous condition. It just added to the sketchiness of the place.

Anyways, the menu was cheap, and we were poor students. Who were we to complain? When we were ready to order, the waitress barks at us “Alright, so there’s a number beside each item. Tell me that number. You all better be ready to order when I ask you.” At first, we thought it was an act. But it wasn’t. She really was that bitchy.

Coming from someone who raves about Hong Shing’s, why was I complaining? I wasn’t. Not until the food came. Chicken Fajitas with (what appeared to be) eyebrows or eyelashes (I’m not quite sure). Some of the food came late. Some of the food was cold. All of the food was bad. Never again. Disgusting.

Back to those tables. After we paid the bill, we left the cash on the table. However, as I was getting up, I accidentally knocked the table with my knee, spilling the rest of my drink on the cash, leaving it saturated with Coke. Oh well, maybe they’ll take that as a hint to invest in new tables. Or maybe not.


At April 05, 2006 2:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love red room bitch!


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